Nurse screening services

We have hand-picked our panel of nurses to ensure excellent customer care skills. Our extensive panel covers all geographical areas of the UK. Our nurses provide their appointment availability into our appointment booking app, allowing us to provide real time appointments at your customer’s home, work or other convenient location. Our nurses are provided with secure mobile devices through which they can be securely instructed. The nurses complete their report using our app and immediately upload the information to our server from where it is sent to our customers.

Convenience with maximum IT security

  • Our digital process reduces cancellations and helps to reduce overall turnaround times
  • Real time appointments via our Appointment Booking app
  • Square Health mobile device provided to nurse to ensure high level of information security
  • Square Health is ISO 27001 certified
  • Flexible appointments at your customer’s home, work or other convenient location
  • Test results available within one working day
  • We can provide your customers with a report which highlights key findings and assists them in understanding their health and adopt better lifestyle choices
  • For insurers, a clear picture of the health of a customer, plus early identification of possible future health issues, is a useful risk assessment tool
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