Clinic in a Pocket

Using our extensive IT and medical expertise, we have created our ‘Clinic in a Pocket’ app and platform that enables us to offer a wide range of healthcare services. This acts as a framework to allow us to build bespoke and white-labelled mobile healthcare solutions to meet the requirements of our customers. Our services include:

Case Studies

Examples of our Clinic in a Pocket solution that we have delivered to our partners to extend and enhance their offering:


“Square Health forms a fundamental part of the British Friendly Mutual Benefits program offering our members free access to a range of services including Virtual GP, UK based 2nd Opinion, Health MOTs, Counselling and Physiotherapy. Services are accessed through a state of the art app which provides for a simple and convenient booking and facilitation process. So far in 2018 we have seen over 250 members utilising the services with the most popular being physiotherapy and counselling. This illustrates the relevance of these benefits to their underlying income protection policy. Most importantly we have a growing list of member testimonials which evidence that Square Health services are having a positive and life-changing impact and in some cases saving lives.” 

Nick Telfer, Former Product and Marketing Director
British Friendly Society

“We know that in today’s frantic world, people can sometimes struggle to get the guidance they need on everyday medical issues. So we were very excited to be partnering with Square Health to provide our customers with convenient access to qualified UK doctors and specialists, at no added cost. It was great to find a partner who shared our passion for customer service, and the medical services offered by Square Health really help to extend the support LV= can provide to customers in times of need. We see this partnership as the beginning of a journey in which we will be able to help more people lead a healthier life and provide a trusted source of healthcare advice whatever their medical concern and wherever they are in the world. Since we launched the services we have seen a great reaction from advisers and customers, both at the point of sale, but particularly at the point it really matters, when customers are using the services, and many have shared their positive experiences with us.”

Chris McNab, Former Head of Life Proposition

“The services available to the member are usually well received on introduction by us. In addition, we have had appreciative feedback from some claimants due to the quickness they have been able to be seen vs NHS appointments and also the 1:1 care they get vs NHS.”

British Friendly Society Staff Member

“Used you twice, fantastic service on remote doctor, in fact I work for LifeSearch and advise on policies consistently and strongly recommended you now based on this benefit, I did this morning.”

LifeSearch Staff Member

“A very quick service, convenient and helpful. I never make time to go to my GP so this service will lead to me looking after myself a lot better! I had runners knee and the Remote GP I spoke to advised me to visit a physiotherapist to decide whether rehab exercises would help, or if not, an MRI scan would be needed. I was prescribed exercises and stretches – and am fully recovered now!”

LV= Adviser

“I’ve suffered from vertigo long term, which has been so bad at times I’ve had to take extended time off work. I wasn’t able to get an appointment with my own GP for around 3 weeks, but was able to get a remote GP consultation within a few hours. The GP prescribed a new medication which my own GP had never discussed with me before. I’m now feeling better than I ever have.”

LV= Adviser

“My experience was fantastic in that I was suffering from bad hay fever and the medication I usually take wasn’t working. It was easy to book a time slot and the GP who I booked the appointment with called exactly on time. She was able to talk through my existing medication and then give me advice on what I should be taking. This was a slight change to my meds but all available over the counter. She also advised to book an non-emergency visit with my own GP to discuss. However, this wasn’t needed as the advice she gave me worked. To summarise a great service all round and it’s really great not to have to take time out of my day to visit my local GP.”

LV= Adviser

“My consultation went very well, the doctor called me. No prescription was needed and I went to my local pharmacy to buy the relevant medication she had recommended. I had secured a nurse consultation with my own surgery just in case, but this wasn’t needed and I was able to cancel this.”

LV= Adviser

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