Market-leading unique IT Solutions 

Our solutions are designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements, integrating our technology and services, rather than building a new platform, combining cost-effectiveness, innovation and improved case management.

By leveraging in-house technology and medical expertise, we can deliver market-leading products aimed at an enhanced patient journey, optimised costs and logistics both for the client and the user, as well as borderless access to qualified scientific information.

Examples of our focus on delivering simplified and value-adding innovation to our partners are:

  • Our White Labelled App Technology which allows us to build advanced health tech solutions for companies. Plugging in a number of our Healthcare solutions allows brands to leverage our medical expertise delivered by outstanding technology.
  • Our proprietary Smart Report tool, using leading edge technologies to reduce administrative burdens for the healthcare professional and produce consistent, accurate and comprehensive medical reports. This allows reports to be available for distribution at the earliest opportunity.
  • Our Smart Decision and Quantum tool is used to decide liability and quantify the value of claims, helping to support our insurance partners. It uses a wealth of industry-compiled data to provide an intelligent and accurate evaluation to determine the appropriate workflow following a claim as well as the monetary value attributable to that claim.


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