Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 

Emotional and behavioural support in conjunction with managing physical injury allows us to achieve complete rehabilitation of the body and mind.                                          

Assessment of Mental Issues and Emotional & Behavioural support:

  • Treatment for mental health issues is vital to assist the full rehabilitation of your customer
  • We offer counselling, CBT and other mental health treatments from our UK wide network of highly trained and empathetic professional therapists
  • Our services can be provided via our telehealth platform, allowing a video interaction with our therapists via a mobile device
  • We can also provide access to a range of self-management courses and videos to help with many mental health issues
  • Our approach is to deal with the immediate issues and assist your customer to develop better lifestyle choices and a more positive mental health outlook to prevent a recurrence, leading to long term success

A full range of medical services is available, for your customers’ mind, body and overall well-being.


“Very positive experience using counselling service – the counsellor was very professional, expert experience. “

British Friendly Society staff member

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