Reassuring second opinion service

A second opinion is a medical consultation with a new doctor after your customer has been given a diagnosis by their treating doctor or specialist. There are several reasons for obtaining a second opinion:

  • The treating doctor fails to make a firm diagnosis despite extensive investigations
  • Your customer may wish to make sure the correct diagnosis has been made
  • The treating doctor provides various treatment options and your customer needs another opinion to decide which option is best for them
  • Your customer is not satisfied with the diagnosis or treatment options suggested

Our difference

Our second opinion service is based on a face to face opinion from a UK based doctor whereas the usual offering in the market has been a review of the medical records by an overseas doctor. We believe our approach is more relevant and leads to a greater level of patient reassurance than the alternative.

  • Our network of over 5,000 UK based specialists cover all medical conditions including mental illness support
  • By providing your customers with either a face to face consultation or via our App, our service will give them reassurance and quality advice, at their fingertips

Valuable solutions to build better customer experiences

  • Offer your customers an additional, valuable service for ultimate peace of mind


The following videos highlight the value of our service offering from the patient perspective:


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