One step solution to all your rehabilitation needs

  • We provide physical, psychological and vocational rehabilitation across all parts of the UK. From a single access point, our team will coordinate the whole process in a seamless manner.
  • We work with over 3,000 therapists across the country who can be instructed through our proprietary Docslot platform, which also acts to collect all medical assessment and outcome information for immediate and easy access by our clients.
  • We service a wide range of markets, including Private Medical Insurance, Life and Disability Insurance, Employee Benefit and other value add services.

 A cost effective and seamless service

Working as a multidisciplinary team, our practitioners can meet all your customers’ needs.

We can organise Immediate Needs Assessment reports, compiled by a registered nurse or appropriate medical practitioner. This details all your customer needs and formulates the patient care plan. We can also coordinate with multiple treating parties to ensure the care is delivered in a logical and expeditious manner.

End-to-end solution

We help restore customers to their normal lifestyle and assist them with returning to work.

Our end-to-end solution makes the process easy for customers, promoting a positive perception of their insurer, employer or company which facilitates the provision of our service.

Effective early intervention which allows for a quicker and fuller recovery, backed by personal service, holistic evaluation methods and medical expertise.

For more information about how our services can positively impact on your customer’s experience, please get in touch. Or visit our specialist site:

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