Physiotherapy and musculoskeletal therapy

 Diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating injuries.

  • For customers who require musculoskeletal therapy, we have an extensive network of over 5000 physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths across the UK
  • All treatment can take place in parallel with gathering medical evidence, avoiding any delays
  • We can offer this service to your customer either face to face or using our App technology
  • Our video App technology can be used to provide immediate “visual” assessment by a physiotherapist

For your customer’s convenience, we are able to instruct therapists in the customer’s local area and treatment can be carried out outside office hours or at weekends.

Fast track services

  • The need for rapid case turnaround has led to the development of our bespoke software, which allows us access to thousands of physiotherapy appointments across the entire the country.

Treatment is arranged within 1 week of request and we can provide our insurance customers with regular updates on progress.

Diagnostic services

  • Supportive diagnostic tests to exclude other causes of symptoms or to establish the extent of injury can be provided.
  • These include various radiological tests such as X-rays, CT or MRI scans. For neurological assessment, we can arrange tests such as nerve conduction studies.

All tests are available on a UK nationwide basis.

Fast, cost-effective, convenient physiotherapy services, focused on the needs of your customer.


“I attended a physiotherapist who not only relieved my aching back but gave me good advice. It was my first time using this service. Planning and arranging my visit was simple and reasonably quick.” 

British Friendly Society Member

“I had been suffering lately with severe back and shoulder pain due to bone cancer. I was advised that massage could help with the pain and duly contacted Square Health. The service was fantastic and within 24 hours I was contacted by a physiotherapist who arranged an appointment for the same week!!”

British Friendly Society Member

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