• Advanced healthcare, screening and health tech solutions for the insurance industry.

  • Foundations built on a long history of clinical excellence.

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Who we are

Founded by doctors, the team provides holistic medical, technological and claims-related solutions for insurers. Over 20 years of experience has led to a deep understanding of the complex requirements of the insurance industry.

We have an established infrastructure; access to over 5,000 medical specialists across the UK, 200 staff based in two offices and a software development team of over 100.


Health Tech

Sophisticated health tech solutions that provide insurers a range of ways to create a streamlined and efficient operational process.

Our offering includes our proprietary appointment booking system and innovative document signing service. We also provide bespoke IT solution builds to suit our clients’ specific requirements.

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Health Screening

A complete suite of health screening services that put your customers first – and promote your brand.

From tele-interviewing and annual medical MOTs to health screening including our innovative HNW service, we can provide your customers with the appropriate assessments.

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Innovative services designed to enable insurers to improve and differentiate their customer experience.

Online ‘virtual’ GP consultations with UK-based doctors offer ease and convenience to your customers. We also provide a comprehensive range of physio, rehab, counselling and 2nd opinion services to claimants.

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For corporates

Partner with one of the UK’s largest networks of medical professionals.

We provide a range of healthcare services which help companies be more productive, improve staff happiness and build better relationships with customers.

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